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Based on the prevalent cosmic faiths and his own curiosity of analysing knowledge, author Balkrishna Panday brings you a published material that studies the subject of personality, its constitution, development, and alignment with spiritual attainment. Through his book Personality, relevant comments and critique were added based on the above mentioned thought. Using his book, the basket of knowledge is thus presented with suitable additions and alterations.

The subjects covered in this piece are inclusive of knowledge, as it is available and the limitations thereof.

Mind is explained as the guide for worldly affairs and the control it needs with the tool of practice. Resolve, without which no forward movement is possible, is also discussed. Touching onto ego as the cause of all that happens and the spoil-sport that it can be is also tackled. Nothingness is explained as the resultant vacuum of whatever is material in the universe. Karma, dealt with as the seed for good, bad, and neutrality, with potential for positive or negative; and oh yes, the rebirth, if so believed in. Love, it all depends on the body or on the spirit.

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